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As 2019 will be over soon, it’s time to stop for a while and look back on what happened this year.

2019 was a unique year at Hostking. We got closer to our mission – making web hosting more affordable in SA.

However, we couldn’t have reached the successes mentioned below without our loyal customers. Many new features were inspired by the regular reviews and advice form our customers. Also, the continuous feedback that we are receiving from day to day about how Hostking changed businesses’ life for the better is a huge motivation for us to keep working harder and harder every day.

So, we’d like to say a huge THANK YOU for everyone who follows us on our road. We hope that our customers enjoyed this year as much as we did.

Let’s review 2019:

This year, we tried and tested most of the best web hosting industry features available in the market. We looked at security and backups as this was our main focus the year. This point, I’d like to highlight the importance of customer feedback. Most of these changes were requested by our customers and we truly care about their wishes, so we focused on improving those features. 

CSF, Bitninja vs Imunify360

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We tested Bitninja and Imunify360 in house extensively and found that Bitninja Security software to be the easiest option to implement however we found that Imunify360 to provide better UI and and implementation into cPanel Services we offered.

We hence implemented Imunify360 but still kept Config Server Firewall on our servers. Note we still have a Hardware Firewall in place aswell to protect against major DDOS attacks.

Implementation on all servers commenced which turned out to be a success and all servers were better protected than before, Attacks stopped with Captcha protection and Malware scanning ran, on non working days.

Winner: Imunify360

Acronis, cPanel vs Jetbackup


Customers mentioned they need a better backup system as with Acronis which we implemented did not give an easy way to restore backups and permissions at times on files were affected, it did however backup everything quite well. We also had cPanel’s implementation in place but that was even more rough. We then started to look at many international hosts and found some using Jetbackup Manager and actually were quite happy with it. We started testing it and after implementing it on a test server and having some staff and a few customers test it out – it seems like a much better option. The snapshot feature was awesome and allowed customers to quickly make backups but best of all it allowed us to keep accounts that were deleted or files that were lost for over 1 year and at not much cost of diskspace due to the compression invovled. It also resolved the restoring off accounts, dbs and files.

Winner: Jetbackup

Hostking UK launched

We implemented a website to launch hosting in the UK at a Data Center in London. Excited to see what the future holds.

Thank you for this awesome year

A lot of things happened and we reached unbelievable successes in 2019. We couldn’t have achieved all of this without our loyal customers. We love you guys.

Thank you so much for inspiring us every day to work harder and harder on the road to make the web hosting better in SA.

We promise you, that we won’t stop working such enthusiastically and 2020 will bring you many great news too. 😉

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