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Whether your business has the best marketing sales tactics out there or a valuable sales funnel, your e-commerce website is still in need of a blog. Society has progressed into the digital age where content creation should be well integrated within your marketing plan. Creating scheduled content acts as a magnet for new and existing visitors to keep returning to your site. Displaying a sales promotion shouldn’t be your only form of attraction.

Here’s why a blog should be utilized for your e-commerce website:

1. Blog posts can help your e-commerce website rank better

There has been a shift with many retailers especially brick & mortar stores shifting towards e-commerce. The move to e-commerce was essential especially during the pandemic where regular in-store customers were forced to make us of online shopping. This meant that the competition to rank in search results on Google’s platform became more challenging. Optimizing your site by adding fresh content drives traffic to your website. Google’s search engine will classify your website off of those engagements and rank it a bit better due to the frequent amount of visitors.

2. Tutorial posts centered around your products yields greater return

Whatever product you’re selling, the chances are that the client would like to know how to use it. Lets say for example, you’re selling cleaning appliances. One would like to know how to assemble, clean, store etc. The same concept can apply to almost any other service or product. A ‘video vlog’ can be a bit more easier if written content is a bit too much.

3. A blog can grow your email list

An email list forms an important role in terms of marketing and communication. Email lists gives your website visitors that exclusivity that some are looking for. If you have a few subscribers that have joined your list, you can provide them with exclusive offers, content and various other promotional materials to boost your sales. In order to grow your email contact list, you don’t need to have pop-ups located on every page of your website. You can add a link to your mail list at the end of a blog in which people can use to subscribe.

4. You can drive traffic to your website by diversifying your blog topics

It’s best to keep your blog topics centered around other matters other than your business alone. Having a blog category such as ‘Lifestyle’ can incorporate various other worldly or social topics such as fitness, fashion, or recipes. Think of it as a conversation. When you’re with a group of people, one would prefer having a conversation that everyone can join in on.

5. Blogging is a great form of communication

Your blog page can act as a central for business communications as it’s in the same breadth as a page for social content. You can post any exciting news events that are taking place within your business. Having announcements displayed on your page can also help promote any important matters to the public.

Hands down, a blog page can certainly help you and your business in the long run. For better search visibility, a bigger email listing and better communication? It is worth a shot if you ask.

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