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As the landscape of the world progresses digitally, the importance of having & how to create a website is highly recommended by the vast majority. The abundance of opportunities that one can reap online is presented on various platforms. It’s just a matter of time before you seize it. The internet & your website can accomplish various marketing strategy goals if it’s implemented correctly. Your website can be advertised through pay–per–click advertising campaigns. If you don’t have the experience or the knowledge to start your website, try using Sitebuilder as a basic building block for your web project. Sitebuilder allows you to build your website from scratch without any technical experience needed.


The platform is a website publishing tool that’s packed with various features focusing on creating & managing your personal or business website. The friendly user experience of this software even allows individuals with no design skills or HTML experience to create their own. The features that are provided by Sitebuilder are aimed at refining content while building & focusing on user experience on both ends.

Create professional online stores
As the e-commerce industry increases by the numbers, it can be challenging to manage & update your website. The platform allows individuals to quickly add products, prices & all the necessary information to make your product stand out amongst the rest of your competitors. As your product catalogue changes throughout, the platform makes it easy for online business owners to make the necessary adjustments to their website’s pages in a timely manner.

Sitebuilder provides Marketing tools
There are various marketing strategies & tools to make use of when you’re advertising online. Sitebuilder provides users with marketing tools such as ‘Google My Business’ in order to grow your business online. The tool can present your online business through Google Maps, Google search & interacts with customer reviews which further adds to your online presence & traction.

Content Delivery Network
UX/UI (User Experience & User Interface) is one of the utmost important practices to implement & monitor. Essentially, this is how your online visitors will ‘connect’ with your website. A loading speed that is quick can charm most of your users. Sitebuilder provides a content delivery network (CDN) that can increase your loading speed by caching your site data.

Our Hostking Sitebuilder service has two package plans to choose from. The Sitebuilder Lite Plan is priced at R29 per month & the Premium Sitebuilder plan is priced at R149 per month. If you need further clarity regarding our Sitebuilder plans, feel free to chat with one of our technical support agents via live chat or by submitting a ticket on how to get you started.

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