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As the tech. market continues to rise, product developers are refining their market research to include user preferences – which should always be considered within any design process. It goes to say that not all brands place majority of their focus on user interface and hardware – which is an important aspect. Apple’s iPhone 13 range hasn’t changed much in terms of its physical design but there has been a shift in focus in terms of the camera. This would be the third year that Apple created sub-sets such as the pro and pro max. However, there wasn’t a major change in terms of hardware or a new lens. So what actual changes took place in terms of the camera?

The changes made to the camera stemmed from the new sensors. The sensors are said to capture more light in order enhance the details and to improve the overall image quality. It is said that the camera has a f1.5 aperture lens, which results to improved lighting. Apart from the sensor, the telephoto camera is equipped with 3x optical zoom. Sticking with what has been working, Apple continuously strides towards experience and always raises the bar in many arenas. That explains why Apple is loved amongst many consumers.

What’s new between the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 pro?

Both the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 pro contains feature-rich sensors. With the upgraded camera, Apple improved its low-light performance. Compared to the iPhone 12, there was less noise detected when taking pictures. This goes to show that resolution is beefed up with the iPhone 13. What happens is the camera might have not received enough information in order to produce the desired image in terms of its quality. With improved hardware and a larger sensor, this can contribute to the resolution of the imagery. Apart from imagery, another area to look into is video recording.

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 pro offered images that were more crisp even to the untrained eye which proves the extent to which the camera has been optimized. Ultimately, it’s the set-up that contributes to the image quality and not necessarily how you take the shot. Both are equally important though. The iPhone 13 has more than 50% more light-gathering capabilities that includes stabilization when compared to the 12. When being compared to the iPhone 11 and 12, the images weren’t too sloppy compared to the iPhone 13 but knowing when to allow the correct amount of light in, it can improve the image quality drastically.

Another bonus when considering the aspects of the iPhone 13’s camera is image stabilization. While taking photos, our hands tend to shake which results in a bit of a blur. Even the slightest of movement can disrupt the whole image. It is said that the shot can be still for a period of time due to the camera’s movement in the opposite direction in order to balance the image out. Not only is image stabilization a win, the iPhone 13 contains an ambient light sensor that quickly adjusts the exposure in a particular setting condition.

iPhone 13 c
Iphone 13 Camera


There are two new software features that are bolstered into the iPhone 13 namely, photographic styles and cinematic filters. This is the first time that Apple allows one to customize how the iPhone shoots. Photographic styles applies the filter in a selective manner to the image. Another update to the feature rich camera is the portrait-like mode for videos. This allows one to focus when documenting and serves as a really good tool for content creators.

The iPhone 13 was said to be sale on the 24th of September at mobile retailers. With the upgraded specifications, the consumer is in for treat especially for those with knack for photography and content creation.

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