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Email marketing is said to have the biggest ROI (Return on Investment) in terms of a digital marketing strategy. Email marketing can be considered as a secondary form of communication to your audience or client base. There’s an estimated email user base of 4.1 billion users by the end of 2021. One shouldn’t dim the power of email marketing based on personal experiences. There are some that becomes annoyed after seeing the same recipient in the inbox informing one about the latest blog posts or newsletters. Some individuals in your audience enjoys hearing from your company believe it not. Freelancers should try not to shy away from email marketing as there are those that keep tabs on your blog or current specials that are up and running.

Email Marketing
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1. You own your audience:

Organic traffic is a great challenge in today’s day and age where algorithms literally decide your fate. With a favouring more towards paid listings, ranking organically requires a tremendous amount of work to be done to compete with paid listings. The benefit of email marketing is that you can grow and take control of your own audience. There are no gatekeepers holding the cards and deciding who gets a shot at exposure. The ball is literally in your court when it comes to email marketing.

2. Helping your business build a community:

Communities are the building blocks of almost anything. Without people, your business won’t complete its objectives and will be stagnant due to inactivity. Building a community that raves about your offerings can be considered as organic marketing. If one good experience came from one, tend to one they will refer another to join in on the cult of your business. Think of it as a social circle where relationships are fostered with high engagement strategies to keep it active.

3. Create personalized experiences:

One can customize templates to carry out a particular branding message to their audience. Your layout of certain messages can change each and every time in order to keep ones attention. The content that goes into a newsletter needs to constantly be refreshed as you wouldn’t want to bore your audience. In order to create customized experiences, an audience wants to receive something special from the letter. It could be an early formal announcement regarding an upcoming promotion or a special birthday gift to a valued customer of yours. These are some of the ideas that could make your email subscribers listing feel a bit more acknowledged and appreciated for their support towards your business.

4. Cements your branding:

Branding is important especially in the world that we’re currently living in. It gives a business enough room to differentiate form the rest in terms of values and aesthetics. Humans indulge with their eyes which is why your branding shouldn’t be left in the dark. Email marketing can act as the voice of your brand too with carefully constructed messages that were well thought of. This too can add to somewhat of your business’ character if it makes sense. It give one space to play around.

5. Client retention:

Building personal relationships through email marketing is important. Clients will often feel valued and acknowledged. Clients are at the top of your business’ pinnacle and should be treated as such. Informing them of your latest offerings before the public knows, feels as if they’re valued and present since they’re the first to know about your business’s activity. One can even provide subscribers with offers solely just for them to take it up a notch.

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