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Running and maintaining a website can be challenging. If the right resources are utilized with consistent monitoring in place, you can generate the results that you desire. The practices involved in website traffic generation is an ongoing process that involves constant adjustments and fresh ideas to be added on a continuous basis. It’s not a one man show at the end of the day to put it quite frankly.

Even if your website has the best of functionality or an appealing aesthetic to grip visitors’ attention, one has to consider a mix of marketing strategies. A marketing mix is a pool of various tactics to achieve a marketing goal. One strategy to drive website traffic to your website would be utilize media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There are millions of active users on social media platforms that can be a potential visitor to your website. A potential high traffic driving platform is YouTube.

How YouTube content can drive traffic to your site

Each and everything has its pros and cons. YouTube is no exception as it does require hard work and a knack to grow the platform. Video content creation has seen a surge in activity due to the next generation being tech. savvy and well versed with media. If you have a team that’s willing to put in the work to create informative, appealing and appropriate video content, you have one foot in the doorway.

1. YouTube has a high number of active users:

According to statistics, YouTube has 2 billion active users on the platform with a percentage of 42,9% of all global internet users with access to the platform per month, according to statistics. The popular age group within the group of active users are between the age range 15-35. Women are amongst the most popular users of the platform. If your content is good enough, there is an audience of 2 billion where your content can reach in order to extract a portion of it to visit your website.

2. Visitor preferences may vary

Some of your visitors may prefer viewing videos rather than reading text. It depends entirely on the type of visitor. For the avid readers, they might enjoy scrolling through your blog page while others might only enjoy a short video clip. It depends on ones attention span and the time to get to the information that they were looking for. Some individuals might not want to read through hundreds of words to get to a certain piece of information whereas some would not might want to wait 5 to 10 minutes for a certain point in a tutorial video.

On the bright side, if you’re doing video content you don’t have to create entirely new videos from scratch. You can re-purpose your written knowledge base articles and create an on screen recording explaining the steps. The written articles are just your video narrations in text form.

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3. Video marketing acts like a charm

If there are users that can find your video content informative, relevant to their requests and has a close match with what your website portrays, tend to one they would want to visit your website. If both of your platforms contain the information that they’re looking for on a consistent basis, they might even be frequent visitors to your site. If both your website and YouTube platform works hand in hand, visitors might even refer others to your site by word of mouth or by sharing content.

4. YouTube can act as a potential source of revenue

If your YouTube channel becomes extremely popular, you could potentially earn another stream of income. Making money off YouTube may be part of your model or not but it does come with pros and cons. The pro, obviously being making money and driving a solid audience whereas the con may be that your channel is restricted by laws and regulations from YouTube or the website/page owner.

Keep in mind that YouTube can change its algorithm which can affect your impressions and audience reach. It may even restrict your page if it wants to which can affect your audience in the long-run. In order to protect your channel from loosing its audience, you would want to think of other platforms to keep them within your targeting pool such as newsletters, blog posts or other social media platforms.

5. Make sure that your YouTube is easily accessible

It’s of best practice to ensure that your YouTube page is easily accessible and highly visible to the public. Ensure that there are links within your website and newsletter that can direct visitors to the YouTube page. Drive your audience from other platforms such as Instagram and Twitter to your YouTube page. Newsletters are highly effective and can be a highly engaging tool that can drive an audience to YouTube. It’s best to optimize your videos by using relevant keywords. Constantly promote new videos in your newsletters in the form of tutorials as a way to keep on driving your audience to the channel.

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