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How does Load Shedding affect your Business?

Once again South Africans are in the mists experiencing the bad taste of load shedding.

Load shedding affects everything we needed to do within that few hours. Load shedding impacts our households, educational institutions, and organizations.

Now imagine how’d it affect your business?

It’s one thing living with load shedding on a personal level when we can light candles, turn on the gas and order takeout but for a business load shedding can have serious impacts especially for smaller businesses and those who conduct business online.

What if you run your business online (computer based) and suddenly you can’t complete the intended tasks you had planned. It sets a damp tone on that productivity which impacts profit as well as setting up employers in a not-wanting-to-work-mood.

South African businesses have come far from reaching the claws of load shedding and the impact it has, they have implemented generators and other means of support to maintain productivity.

Domino effect.

The domino effect is whereby a business may depend on two or more partners or businesses and then where one business A can’t complete a task due to the power being cut; now he can’t efficiently provide his service to business B which in turn prevents you from producing what you need for your business. Therefore, the domino effect. Note that many of these businesses are self-funded which means it’s your hard earned cash, sweat and tears you’re putting in and Eskom doesn’t make it better when the load shedding comes around.


It is agreed that many small businesses in South Africa use technology which is very important or essential for their business operations, with smart devices and apps making their lives easier and the running of their businesses more systematic.

What if you relied on your cell phone or tablet to proceed certain tasks and you can’t have it charged for that few hours while the power is out. Invest in a power bank; it will save that dreading moment from happening. A power bank will keep you going in times like these.

Know your schedule:

Eskom and the City of Cape Town released the schedule whereby the affected area will be blacked-out and that specific time during the day. Or depending on what stage of load shedding we’re on at that time(s). So imagine your business suffering 2 and a half hours in the morning then 2 and a half hours again during the evening.

This does not sit well yes, we know. It sucks. Such is the current status quo.

As businesses, we need to work around the load shedding where possible.

Test and maintain your backup power equipment often.

Think green:

Save electricity by switching off unneeded power drainers. Use alternate power sources. Think of energy-efficient buildings and practices.
Unfortunately, load shedding seems like its here to stay for at least a while. Invest in green technologies and promote a green culture in the workplace.

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