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E-Commerce sites form a large chunk within the web hosting market. As e-commerce sites are widely used by various entrepreneurs, this led to a surge in data theft. A number of data transactions takes place on these websites and contains extremely confidential information. There’s a vast number of users with information relating to their credit cards, email addresses, physical addresses and much more. Without beefing up on security on a website owner’s behalf and the users, it can result in data theft performed by hackers. Data breaches don’t only take place within corporate spaces or financial services, but within small business as well. Breaches are frequently occurring in various news reports with a 43% in total coming from small businesses.

Invest in third party fraud-protection services:

Third party fraud is where an individual or a collective uses or creates accounts in order to clone an account with another’s details. This is associated with identity theft and one can face severe consequences. This can be a challenging and daunting task for businesses to detect and to stop.

An extra layer of protection is without a doubt a no-brainer. When it comes to security, going the extra mile is always worth the effort. The protection offered by e-commerce building platforms serves as a good entry point in terms of security. It can help with identifying potential risks or suspicious activity but going through with next step is entirely up to you.

It is a gamble one has to take. There could be a mistake in terms of the incorrect email address or postal address entered when the user created the account. In a situation like this, security software filters out these user profiles. It could result in an actual hacker or a potential client that could’ve entered their details incorrectly. Visitors that have been rejected before can cost you potential revenue. Taking the time to review risky visitors is costly and requires a certain expertise to filter them out properly. Proper validation is needed when one is faced with such a situation.

Compliance with PCI/DSS standards

PCI/DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. It’s a set of requirements that are used by companies ensuring that the credit card information is stored in a secure manner. The objective of these standards are to improve account security when transactions are performed. The PCI Security Standards Council (SSC) ensures that the security of card holders’ information are secured at all times. It contains informative and practical material with frameworks and tools to help companies maintain the level of security needed. Some requirements for PCI/DSS standards are password protection, firewall set-ups, encryption of transmitted data and protection of card holder data to name a few.

Use HTTP with SSL

For those that aren’t familiar with SSL, it’s an abbreviation for ‘Secure Sockets Layer’. An SSL is a certificate that acts as a protective layer between a website and a browser. An SSL certificate is used to authenticate a website’s identity and to encrypt any information being passed through the website. An SSL certificate is crucial when it comes to considering filtering and blocking hackers that would want to intercept information during the checkout process.

Setting up your credit card with limits

Credit cards are fairly easy to steal which contains card and cvv numbers. The details contained on your card are mostly your initials, card number and CVV digits. These details are considered as a first level of security and should be kept to yourself. The most important of all would be the cvv number. CVV stand for Card Verification Value. The CVV number is required for performing online transactions. The 3 or 4 digit number can be found at the back of your bank card. Normally, when your card gets stolen or when the details are captured, hackers or criminals will try to guess your CVV code. When setting credit card limits, one’s usage of funds is restricted therefore, if anything does happen to the card your bank account won’t be completely wiped. In some cases, the card issuer can issue a refund due to an unauthorized transaction. Credit card limits can be set nationally and internationally.

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