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1. Turning Mailman off – WHM >> Server Configuration >>  Tweak Settings and turning it off

2. Number of minutes between mail server queue runs (default is 60) – Setting it 120

3. Default catch-all/default address behavior for new accounts” to fail

4. Boxtrapper Spam Trap and SpamAssassin Spam Box delivery – off

5. Analog Stats – off

6. Conserve Memory at the expense of using more cpu/diskio – turn on

7. WHM >> Service Configuration >> FTP Server Configuration – Check ‘no’ to ‘allow anonymous logins and ‘no’ to ‘anonymous uploads’

8. WHM >> cPanel >> Manage Plugins – install spamdconf – then go to ‘Setup Spamd Startup Configuration’ – select option 2 ‘Maximum Children” to 2′

9. Run your cron jobs at off peak hours.

10. Install e Accelerator PHP accelerator (Recompile Apache with eAccelerator)

11. Compiling Apache with mod_deflate Gzip Module

12. Running Apache with the thread-based “Worker” MPM instead of the default “Prefork” MPM

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