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The article below will describe how to install the reCAPTCHA plugin to your WordPress blog page. This plugin is a free service provided by Google that protects your page against spam & threats. It uses various techniques to tell humans apart from bots.

Before installing the plugin, make sure that you are the administrator of the page.

To add CAPTCHA protection to your WordPress page, follow these steps:

1) Firstly, you are going to have to log into your WordPress account as an administrator
2) Under dashboard, click ‘plugins’ and then click ‘new’
3) Into your search bar, enter ‘CAPTCHA’
4) Search for the plugin
5) Look out for the Google CAPTCHA (reCAPTCHA) & then click ‘install now’
6) Once the plugin has installed, under your dashboard, click the plugins tab & then click on ‘installed plugins’
7) Once you have found the reCAPTCHA plugin, click ‘activate’
8) Click on the ‘settings’ button

Once the plugin has been launched you have to create a public & private key. In order to complete the next step, you have to click the authentication button.

Once that is completed, follow these steps below:

1) Once the keys are received, type the public key text into the public key text box & the private key text into the private key text box.
2) Once completed, under ‘options’ click ‘save changes’
3) CAPTCHA should be activated once the steps above are completed. You can test it by going to your WordPress front page & click the comment link. You will see the WordPress CAPTCHA in the submission form.

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