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  • The importance of email security

    Email security protects you and your business against risk. Confidential information such as your credit card, bank account number or a social security number etc. can be protected through email security.

    Email security are various safety measures that protects email accounts, content & communication against suspicious activity.
  • Types of email threats

    – Phishing
    Phishing is one of the most commonly used methods of attacking online users. It is usually portrayed as a trustworthy entity that attempts to obtain sensitive information such as your passwords, usernames or your credit card details.

    – Ransomware
    Ransomware is a type of malicious software that’s used by hackers. This happens when a user is demanded a ransom in order to gain access to their data.

    – Spam
    Spam attacks are done through various mediums but the most common one used are communication channels such as emails. It makes the medium impractical because it has been bombarded with senseless information.
  • Tips on strengthening your password

    – Use more than 12 characters
    – Use special characters (%$#@)
    – Use uppercase & lowercase letters
    – Avoid personal or obvious information

    Example of a strong password: P!Zz@Gam3r23$$ (Unrelated to someone’s name or birthday)
    Example of a weak password: Sandy28051994 (Name and birthday used with no special characters, numbers etc.)
  • What we offer at Hostking

    We offer SSL certificates which allows your data to be transmitted securely by establishing an encrypted connection. Spamexperts is another service offered by Hostking which filters out any form of spam & viruses before it reaches your network. Siteblock is a daily malware scanner that identifies threats & known malicious code.

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