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A checkout plug-in is a software component used to enhance the processing capabilities of a checkout page. A checkout plug-in can simplify the process by making the interface and experience much more easier when a sale occurs. This could either be the way your page is laid out in terms of the elements on the page or the card options used when proceeding with payment. It’s of utmost importance that your checkout page contains the necessary details and is kept as simple as possible. It’s of best practice to try and steer away from any elements that are not needed. Up-selling points are always good to have on a checkout page as it can be a great contributor towards your sales funnels.

1. Bolt checkout:

Bolt checkout is an application software that facilitates and enhances a shopper’s checkout experience. The seamless design of the application allows one to checkout while not re-directing a visitor to another page. The application is responsive to various browsers with a one-click checkout process in place. Not only does the checkout application contributes to the uninterrupted process when checking out, it also contributes to fraud protection. The application prevents BOT attacks without affecting the checkout experience. Bolt has partnered with the Google’s reCAPTCHA to detect card testing attacks. This will assist with blocking bot attacks before fraudsters are able to complete the checkout without adding any unnecessary friction during the process. Bolt supports various platforms such as Apple pay, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and various other payment platforms.

2. YITH WooCommerce plugin:

YITH is an independent platform that is developed by its in-house developers. This acts as a great contributor towards your customer experience with them. YITH’s plugins are developed through a proprietary framework that is constantly improved and strengthened. This contributes to the compatibility of their plugins and unique features that you need for your e-commerce site. When their tools operate together, it can offer a more advanced experience due to their tailoring process in development. In turn, this can create a more powerful operating system for your e-commerce business. Their plugins act as powerful marketing tool that can help your e-commerce site enhance conversions, creating customer loyalty through offers, add-ons and much more.

3. WooCommerce direct checkout:

WooCommerce Direct Checkout is a simplified checkout process that allows a user to reduce the steps taken when processing a checkout. The plugin adds the ‘add to cart’ button on your products that directs you straight to the checkout page. This can be a beneficial factor in UX/UI design for your website. This allows users to shop and checkout much more quicker. The plugin allows developers or whoever is responsible for adjusting the website to remove fields. Unnecessary fields can agitate the checkout process due to information that might not be needed such as policy texts, duplicate shipping address details etc.

Woocommerce Direct Checkout

4. Square for WooCommerce:

With Square, you can easily synchronize sales, inventory and customer data, manage all of your channels through one centralized platform and use one payment solution across all channels. There are no hidden fees or commitments that can throw you off guard. With Square, you only pay when you make a sale. There is a flat fee involved when making any form of sale whether it be online or in-person. Square can be of great assistance to small businesses by helping them start, run and grow with intuitive powerful tools. With the latest digital wallet feature, it allows users to make payments via Apple or Google Pay. The plugin allows one to perform itemized transaction details through enhanced reporting.

5. Stripe:

The Stripe plugin allows one to accept payments directly on your store whether it be web or mobile. The plugin keeps visitors on your store instead of being redirected to an external checkout page which is said to improve conversion rates. With Stripe, you can accept all major debit and credit card from customers in every country. Stripe is PCI-DSS compliant and supports Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). It is optimized for mobile payments and includes Apple Pay, Google Pay and Payment Request API support. With updates and new innovative functionality at no costs, one can utilize the tools provided without stress.

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