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We welcome the latest version of WordPress called 6.0 “Arturo”. The update was inspired by Grammy-award winning Jazz musician Arturo O’Farrill. Based on earlier reports, the update is said to have enhanced features and responsiveness that can further your creative expertise.

“The overall aim is to consolidate and expand the set of customization tools introduced in 5.9 for creating themes with blocks, with a special focus towards usability and refinement,” Ventura said. “This new release could be considered a conceptual wrap for Gutenberg: Phase 2. This doesn’t mean the customization phase would be concluded with it, but that its main features would have been established.”

According to reports, the update has over ‘1000 enhancements and bug fixes’. You can download the update here.

1. Improved writing experience:

There are new and improved features in terms of your written content whether it be creating a new post or editing an existing one to create an overall better user experience when engaging with that said content.

– The select text feature that can now expand across multiple blocks allows for easier copying and pasting.

– A short cut key called the ‘two open bracket’ to access your list of recent posts and pages.

– Create customized buttons and any update or new buttons created will retain it’s specifications automatically.

bandeau WordPress 6.0

2. Style switching

The famous Gutenburg blocks received an update which allows one to have multiple style variations. It enables short cuts to switch the theme of your website much quicker within a single theme. Users are now able to change the look and feel of their website with just a few clicks.

full gutenberg editor guide featured img

3. Extensive template range

There a five new templates to choose from with the updated version 6.0. This can contribute to existing content and by further improving the layout, font style, imagery or just the general aesthetics. Create a new mood for your website by making use of the new tools provided:

– Featured images can be used as a cover block.

– One can switch between stack, row and group variations to position groups of blocks for a much more flexible layout.


4. Block Locking

A new feature has been added to the 6.0 update. A feature called ‘Block Locking’ doesn’t allow an end user to remove an important block in your piece. This feature contributes to the security of your content by identifying authoritative figures on your account.

The latest updated is the pinnacle of the work of over 500 people situated in various countries with a vast array of knowledge to contribute towards. The results are mind blowing and where one can draw the conclusion from the ‘1000 improvements’.

Based on a quote from a spokesperson from WordPress, version 6.0 continues where 5.9 was left off. The focus will be around bringing a full website editing experience while further enhancing the block editor. Version 6.0 is equipped with the design experience that can contribute even further to existing users.

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