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WordPress is an excellent content management system that for building your website whether it be a blog or your online hobby.

Writing content for your website can feel repetitive at times due to the duplicate work that one has to churn out continuously. Write, post, and repeat. That seems to be the common ebb and flow of blog content production. To alleviate this, one can duplicate content by using the blocks editor. The blocks editor allows you to duplicate the content that can be posted across pages. This can cut down on your production time in terms of drafting the content. WordPress blocks are the components for adding content in the WordPress block editor.

How to use WordPress block editor:

Whenever you have a new content piece to publish, anything that comes to your mind whether it be in the form of a written piece or an image, will be converted into a block. WordPress has made the layout simple and clean that is extremely user friendly and allows one to make adjustments accordingly to their specific idea in mind. Think of it as your page being broken up into various segments that is packed with content.

As soon as you’re on your blog page, the title display pops up with the option of adding a block. To add a block, navigate towards the right hand side of your page where a ‘+’ sign is situated inside of a black block.

WP image
Adding A Block

In order to get started with a paragraph, click on the black button as displayed above. You would want to start off with a suitable heading that correlates with your topic. In order to add a heading, click on the heading block and select the style, layout and overall appearance of your heading. You can adjust the size of your heading by clicking on the heading level which will adjust to the size accordingly.

WP image 2
Adding A Heading In Your Paragraph

In order to add images to your content block, click on the ‘+’ icon and navigate towards the image button and upload the media that you wish to portray to the public. In order to upload the image, click on the blue button that says ‘upload’. There are various other options to upload your media from such as inserting from URL and your Media Library. You can make edits your image in terms of its shape, orientation and even adding in captions.

Once the content block has been expanded, there are various other sub sets of options to play around with. There are coding blocks to make us of, embeds and other forms of media to integrate into your content.

WP image 3
Block editor content features

What are the benefits of using WordPress blocks

There are various benefits that comes with WordPress block that can add great value to your content in terms of productivity, layout and optimization.

– The WordPress blocks are user-friendly with a highly interactive and clean interface.

– Blocks can make add various other forms of media that allows your content to more appealing and engaging.

– WordPress blocks are less prone to the issues related to copy-and-paste especially when it comes to content transferred from Word documents.

– Lastly, the content block editor provides a much more consistent experience in terms of what it looks during the production phases compared to the final. In simple terms, users won’t see the back-end side of the content that you have produced due to the blocks feature.

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