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Image optimization is a process of providing high-resolution images that has all the right dimensions & formats while keeping it at the smallest size as possible.

In today’s fast paced world of activity, the internet has shifted the way in which we perceive information. We tend to lean more towards the use of strong images rather than wording. According to research, on average more than half of your website’s weight includes images. The average loading time for your website should be kept under two seconds. Users tend to leave your website if a page loads for too long.

There are various ways in which image optimization can be done. A few of the methods would be to resize your images, caching or you could compress the size of your images.

  • The importance of image optimization:

    a) Increasing your website’s loading speed
    Your page speed is the time it takes for your web page to load completely. By increasing your page’s loading speed, users will be more appreciative towards your website and it prevents the loss of organic traffic. A key principle to consider is the optimization of images.

    b) Improve your SEO ranking
    Google’s ranking system is based on a broad range of components but one essential component would be your loading speed. The higher your page ranks, the more organic traffic & exposure will be generated. In the world of digital marketing, the importance of search rankings remains relevant up till today. In essence, image optimization holds a great amount of weight within your SEO ranking.

    c) Increase sales
    The greater your ranking in terms of SEO, the greater the exposure for your website. This in turn could possibly generate more sales leads for your business. Majority of shoppers who aren’t happy with a website’s web page speed or the performance will most likely not visit the site again.

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