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Johan was able to assist me with transferring two domains to HostKing and set up redirection for one of them and also showed me how to do it. He explained every step of the way too.

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Great customer service when you need help, reminders about upcoming payments to be made. No issues with website stability.

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Excellent service! Had a few problems over the 5 years and for someone like me with no IT experience they helped and sorted my problems in no time. Always sorted the same day. Always only a message or email away.

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Domain Name Search FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about domain names.

A domain name, or simply a domain, is akin to a home address in the online realm. It serves as the means by which people locate your site on the internet—by entering the domain into a web browser or search engine.

For instance, hostking.ae is a domain, much like Google.com and Facebook.com. Ideally, a domain should be registered under the same name as the brand it represents.

The popularity of WordPress stems from its user-friendly nature. Its straightforward interface, coupled with a vast array of themes and plugins, allows users to create fully functional sites without requiring coding expertise. Additionally, as an open-source platform, WordPress provides the freedom for anyone to craft a website precisely to their liking.

Acquiring domain names is crucial in facilitating the discovery of your site by potential visitors. Without assigned website names, accessing them would necessitate entering their IP addresses, which is less user-friendly and more challenging to remember.

When conducting a domain search to find a suitable name, consider including keywords or brand names to enhance the relevance and visibility of your website.

Here are some best practices to consider when purchasing domain names:

Length: Opt for brevity. Ideally, aim for two to three words.

Simplicity: Avoid lengthy or hard-to-spell words to ensure easy recall.

Keywords: Include a relevant keyword from your niche. For instance, if you sell coffee beans in Seattle, consider a domain like SeattleCoffeeBeans.com.

Avoid Numbers: Numbers can be challenging to remember and may complicate the domain.

Brand Name: Incorporate your brand name into the domain for maximum recognition and association.

By adhering to these practices, you can secure a domain name that is concise, memorable, and aligned with your brand or business.

Indeed, once you register a domain, it cannot be changed. However, you have the option to purchase another domain name and migrate your website to the new domain. Keep in mind that this process involves setting up the new domain and moving your website's files and content to ensure a smooth transition.

This type of hosting is particularly well-suited for users lacking a technical background or for developers seeking a pre-configured hosting setup. With managed WordPress hosting, you can direct your attention to building the website, creating content, and growing your traffic, while the hosting provider takes care of the intricacies and technical maintenance.

The minimum registration period for domain names is typically one year. With Hostking, you have the flexibility to register popular domains like .com, .net, .org, and others for up to three years.

To ensure continuous ownership of your domains and to keep your website consistently available online, it is advisable to set up automatic renewal. This way, your domain registration is automatically extended, helping you avoid any interruptions in service.

Correct, the "www" in front of a URL is not a part of the domain itself. If you include "www" when checking or entering your desired domain in the domain name checker, the resulting website address might look like this: www.wwwexample.com. Therefore, it's unnecessary to add "www" explicitly when entering or registering a domain name. The domain name alone (e.g., example.com) suffices.

To check the availability of your desired name, use the domain name search tool and enter the name you have in mind. If it's available, you can add it to your cart and proceed with the purchase. In the event that your desired name is already taken, we will present alternative options for you to consider.

Checking domain availability is free, and there are no special requirements for purchasing a domain name. The process only involves providing basic contact information and a valid payment method.

Furthermore, you have the flexibility to purchase domains with us and then point them to another hosting provider if you wish. This provides you with the freedom to manage your domain and hosting services separately if needed.

Absolutely. When you purchase a domain, it becomes your property, and not the property of the domain registrar.

If you decide to transfer your domain to Hostking, our domain transfer service makes the process straightforward. We will guide you through each step to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition.

TLD stands for top-level domain, which is the last part of a domain, such as .com.

ccTLD stands for country-code top-level domain. It is a subset of TLDs designed to identify a specific country, like .co.uk, .de, .mx, and .fr.

gTLD stands for generic top-level domain. These are the most common types of domain names, and they include .com, which has more registrations than all ccTLDs combined. Historically, the primary gTLDs were .com, .org, .net, .edu, .gov, and .mil. However, the range of available domain extensions has expanded with additions like .online, .xyz, and .name.

Hostking provides instant activation, ensuring that your chosen domain name is ready for use right away. The registration process has been streamlined for maximum efficiency, taking only a few minutes from checking the availability of a domain name to successfully registering it. This quick and straightforward process allows you to promptly secure and start using your desired domain.

Hostking provides an excellent opportunity to obtain a free domain. By signing up for a Premium or Business web hosting plan for a duration of 12 months or more, you qualify for a complimentary domain registration for the first year. This offer makes acquiring a great domain an added benefit when choosing a Premium or Business hosting plan with Hostking.

If the desired website name has already been registered, you can consider trying another domain extension. Frequently, popular extensions may already be taken, but you can explore country-specific extensions like .co.uk, or less common ones such as .xyz or .online, which might still be available. Hostking's domain search tool will provide suggestions for other excellent and available options to help you find the perfect domain for your needs.

Privacy protection, also known as WHOIS protection, is a service that conceals specific information about the owner of a domain name, which would otherwise be accessible through a WHOIS lookup.

With privacy protection, the domain registrar replaces personal details such as the owner's name, address, phone number, email address, and business name with generic and non-identifiable information. This helps to enhance the privacy and security of the domain owner by preventing the easy retrieval of personal information through public WHOIS databases.

Each generic top-level domain (gTLD) carries a slightly different connotation, so it's advisable to choose one that aligns with the nature of your website.

.com domains: Commonly used for commercial purposes and are often considered the default option, implying a level of trust.

.net domains: Originally used by networking companies, such as internet service providers, but now commonly used for various purposes.

.org domains: Primarily used for charities, communities, and local organizations, and it still serves this purpose extensively.

.info domains: Geared towards information-based websites, including wikis and tutorial sites.

It's important to note that there is flexibility in choosing gTLDs, and there's no strict rule mandating the use of one type over another. Consider the information above as guidelines to assist you in selecting a domain name that best suits the nature of your website.

The analogy of a domain name as your home address and web hosting as the physical structure, akin to a house, is a helpful way to understand their relationship. A domain serves as a means for people to find your site, while hosting provides the online space to store the data that makes up your website. To effectively publish a website and ensure visitors can easily locate it on the internet, you'll need to acquire both domain and hosting services.

Although it's technically feasible to have one without the other, they are most effective when used together. This is why many hosting companies offer domain names, and conversely, many domain registrars provide hosting services. Combining both elements ensures a seamless and comprehensive solution for establishing and maintaining a website.